Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Member of Canadian Islamic Congress Suffers From Analogy Creep

Mark Steyn:

Alas, Dr Mohamed Elmasry, founder of the Canadian Islamic Congress, failed in his campaign to rid the Great White North of my hate speech, so he has now turned his attention to other targets - the Zionist stormtroopers:

Many contemporary historians have aptly compared Gaza to the cramped and destitute Warsaw Ghetto of World War II.

But those "contemporary historians" don't know the half of it:

Gaza has, in fact, been reduced to a new Auschwitz: the only difference – a nightmarish irony — is that Jews are now playing the role of Hitler’s ruthless SS.

Er, right. And that would make Hamas the concentration camp guards?

Actually, that would make Hamas into the kappos--despised by both sides.

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Anonymous said...

The facists in Israel get what they deserve. The whole world is anti-facist today. They lost in WWII. Isael needs to start behaving like a modern democracy, free of racism.

Anonymous said...

To the Professor: your answer seems a bit, well, idiotic, for, 'living as the anti-fascist' would proscribe Israelis to an even further reduction in their own ability to defend themselves against their enemies attacks and terms. You cannot speak of democracy in greater Israel-Palestine having a proper place when Hamas (Jihad and Shariah as well) seeks the annihilation of Israel and Israel, merely seeks to exist; I am not a fan of a 'religious state' as Israel has made itself in some ways, but the obverse scenario? Would you like to see infidels and the like strung up from soccer posts? Gays beaten to death regularly? Women turned into chattel? No, the fact is, Israel is the freest nation IN THE MIDDLE EAST and deserves support from every westerner; you should start discussing their NEIGHBORS' FREEDOMS FIRST. My only hope is that some in Israel's internal power structure will not turn to appeasement making policy as some in that country embrace as a means to peace -- which is just a mirage. They would turn Jerusalem into a Carthage with a Scipio at the gates seeking ever more concessions until the city dwellers truly realize in the last moments that their city and way of life is the object of erasure from existence.