Friday, December 26, 2008

Poll After Rockets Slam Into Israel: Israelis Support Military Operation In Gaza 60%:23%

Note how the contrary Haaretz poll was 'fixed'.
From IMRA:
Poll: Israelis support military operation in Gaza 60%:23%
Dr. Aaron Lerner 25 December 2008

Israel Television Channel One reported on the Mabat evening news that a poll
they commissioned yesterday (24 December) by Midgam found Israelis
overwhelming support a military operation in Gaza 60% to 23% opposed.

This results contrasts greatly from the loaded poll question commissioned by
Haaretz that was asked on 23 December - before the massive barrage of
rockets hit Israel.

The one-sided Ha'aretz question was designed to try and force respondents to
oppose a military operation: "Do you support a ground operation in the Gaza
Strip that may cause losses among IDF soldiers" - For 40% Against 46% Don't
know 14%
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