Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Israeli Consulate to Host Twitter "Citizens' Press Conference" on Sderot/Gaza

From an email from the Israeli NY Consulate:
Consulate to Host Twitter "Citizens' Press Conference" on Sderot/Gaza
Tomorrow, 30 December, from 1-3PM EST, David Saranga, Consul of Media and Public Affairs in New York, will answer your questions about the situation in Israel and Gaza in a "Citizens' Press Conference."You can submit your question by directing it to our Twitter account at http://www.twitter.com/IsraelConsulate. Answers will be posted through Twitter as well.

We hope you will be able to join us--tell your friends!!

From the same email:

Support Israel on Facebook

Now you can show your support for Israel's counterterrorism efforts on Facebook, the popular social networking site. A group has been formed called "I Support the Israel Defense Forces In Preventing Terror Attacks From Gaza," where you can discuss the latest developments and help build support for Israel in a simple, yet powerful way.

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