Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Poll In Influential German Newspaper

From an email I received from a friend whose judgement I trust. I don't know that FAZ (Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung) is the biggest, but it is the 3rd oldest and influential.
Dear Friends,

Germanys biggest Newspaper „FAZ" is launching a survey about the conflict in Gaza. Voters can choose between 4 statements:

1. Israel must protect her citizens against Terror – Hamas provoked Israel

2. Israel blockaded peace in the Middle East – and shall not be surprised now

3. In principle Israel is right – but the attacks on Gaza are totally exaggerated

4. Situation is not clear enough to decide who is right or wrong

This newspaper is very influential in Germany. Most of politicians and managers are reading it. So far about 11.000 people gave their vote:

1. statement: 40%

2. statement: 44%

3. statement: 7%

4. statement: 9%

We still can change the results. (Remember? Yes we can!) Please copy this link:

forward this mail to everybody you know around the globe! Urge your friends and family to vote! Right now – as a surprise – the mayority of the media in Germany are in favor of Israel. So is the political establishment, including Chancellor Angela Merkel. But: as longer the conlict is going on as more people here will be overwhelmed with mercy for poor Hamasnikkim . This vote is essential. Israel PR is week? Not this time! Vote!
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btw said...

Dear Daled Amos,

Did you try your link to Unfortunately it doesn't work. Please fix it urgently.

Daled Amos said...

It seems the page for the poll is no longer accessible.