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One Jerusalem: End of Week Review: December 21, 2008

From One Jerusalem:
End of Week Review: December 21, 2008

Dear Friend of Jerusalem,

Here are the latest headlines from the One Jerusalem Blog:

Will Obama pressure Israel On Its Nuclear Program?: Mere Rhetoric has an important post on plans by some on the Obama team that want to force Israel to reveal their nuclear capabilities to the world.There have been occasional calls for Israel to reveal its nuclear program but never... (read more)

Should Friends of Israel Be Concerned by Clinton's Donors?: This week, as part of an agreement with President-elect Obama, the foundation that is the central focus of the public activities of former President Clinton released its massive list of contributors.When you focus on where the bulk of money comes... (read more)

Defending Killers of Israelis and Zionists: The spokesman for the Muslim Public Affairs Committee in the United Kingdom has said, "Muslims who fights against Israel and dies is a martyr and will be granted paradise."Read more about this defense of Jihad at the web-site of the... (read more)

Hannukah Era Archeological Find In Jerusalem: Dr. Gabriel Barkay, has announced the discovery on the Temple Mount of two ancient coins one dating back to original Hannukah Story. One of the coins has burn damage probably caused by the fire that destroyed the Second Temple.Also listen... (read more)

Netanyahu Calls For Radical Change, Will Not Divide Jerusalem: Today, before leaving for a meeting with French President Sarkozy, Likud leader Benjamin Netanyahu forcefully declared his support for a united Jerusalem and called for a radically different approach to the Arab-Israel dispute.Netanyahu was repeating in public what he told... (read more)

New Hebrew One Jerusalem Facebook Page Launched: Hebrew knowledgeable advocates for a united Jerusalem can join a new Facebook community.If you are not a Facebook member you can join up for free.... (read more)

Latest Israeli Polls: It's election season in Israel and pollsters are hard at work. Tonight Israeli television reported on a poll conducted by the Left leaning Truman Institute: Truman Institute Poll: (presented on Channel 10) Who would you vote for today?Netanyahu 37%Livni ... (read more)

Obama's Muslim Initiative: Last week, President-elect Obama's decision to use his middle name, Hussein, at his swearing in caused a slight stir. A few cynics asked, "Why did he bury his middle name during the campaign and now decide to bring it front... (read more)

Together we can win the fight to maintain a united Jerusalem!

The One Jerusalem Team
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