Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The OU Job Board Needs Your Help In Implementing Project C.H.E.S.E.D.

From an email:
The OU Job Board needs your help in implementing Project C.H.E.S.E.D.
NOW in your local community or nearby communities. Can you become an
Angel of C.H.E.S.E.D.?

Project C.H.E.S.E.D. an acronym for Community Help in Education Social
Services Empowerment/Employment & Development is a 14- point plan to
empower communities to respond to the growing economic crisis. This
plan outlines immediate action that the Orthodox Union recommends to
be implemented on an urgent basis. The OU Job Board along with the
Department of Community Services will help set up this program as well
as offer free online services to help communities in their efforts to
alleviate the suffering endured by families going through this
terrible ordeal.

We established this Project some months ago and chances are your local
Rabbi, executive director/administrator or community leader is well
aware of this program. What we are currently looking for are Angels of
C.H.E.S.E.D., volunteers who can lend their services and talents to
the communities they live in or local surrounding communities to help
those people who are currently in desperate need of services and a
helping hand in these trying economic times.
If you are available and capable of writing a good resume we need your
help. We will be running Resume Fairs throughout the USA Canada and
Israel, which utilizes volunteers such as you,to work one-on one with
people who need to update, re-write or write their resumes to enhance
their job prospects. If you are a writer, teacher, resume writer,
career counselor, Project C.H.E.S.E.D. and your community are looking
for you.

We are also looking for Career Counselors who are able to steer people
who are locked into a no advancement or dead job or who are unemployed
to an alternative situation. If you are a Career Counselor,
Psychologist, and Sociologists and can provide these services we are
looking for you as well.

We are looking to start this program ASAP. If you want to join us in
the very important task, please e mail me at with a brief
bio and what you think you can assist in.

Also, we are looking for Seminar and Workshop presenters who are
willing to give very "Tachlit"( realistic self help) oriented classes
in a variety of economic subjects. We will advertise your name and
business as we promote this class. These are also locally held classes
to benefit the local communities you live in or around

Please contact me at and become an Angel of C.H.E.S.E.D. NOW

Lets act NOW before it is too late to react.
All the best
Michael Srulie Rosner

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