Friday, December 26, 2008

It's Hopeless

I came across a blog commenting on the possibility that Israel make take action against Hamas for the continued barrage of Kassams--a barrage that did not stop during the 'truce'.

According to this blog:
What Olmert doesn't note is that there was a long cease-fire, during which Israel kept blockading Gaza, so that they don't have enough food or water. He's been starving them because he doesn't like their democratically elected government. Not launching missiles hasn't worked for citizens of Gaza. From their point of view there's little reason not to fire missiles at Israel. Being shot by Israeli soldiers probably doesn't seem like a much worse way to go than starving... or watching their children starve.
The comments tend to follow the same line of thought:
  • But hungry fenced in people are so much more fun to shoot.

  • i suspect they think that now is the time to acquire additional territory and to knock down the rock throwers while the shrub will agree.

  • no it’s just where they want them. defenseless.

  • Ah, but when you mention this to a number of Likudnik Jerusalem-Post-reading Jews I know, and they start hollering about rockets, not admitting that maybe the rockets might stop if Israel wasn’t starving the Gazans.

  • why don’t they both just stop it?

  • Israel stop starving the Gazans, Gazans stop shooting missles at Israel being in the stronger position, I would suggest that Israel initiate that bargain.

  • It would(will?) be interesting hear what OB has to say on this but with Rahm at his ear it’s doubtful that OB will have anything critical to say about Israel. If Israel wants to starve people and deprive them of water OB like all before him(other than Pres. Carter)most likely will just look the other way or join in blaming the victims for daring to fight for the their lives and loved ones.

  • We all know that without US support Israel couldn’t continue to do this and that any other country engaging in what amounts to a slow motion genocide would be stopped. And we all know those among us from congress to the public who make it possible for Israel to continue this genocide for land by calling black white.
It's one thing for people not to know the history of the region over hundreds of years, or since 1948, or 1967--but to be blissfully unaware of what is going on during the last 6 to 12 months? To claim that the bombs are in reaction to Israel withholding the materials being used to make the bombs or restricting the movement of terrorists?

The responsibility for this...ignorance falls squarely on the lap of the media.
By the same token, what can we do to document the facts and get them out there?

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