Monday, December 22, 2008

Ehud Barak Should Get Rid Of Those Rose-Colored Glasses

Back in May 2000, under the headline Israel's humiliating flight from Lebanon, Jeff Jacoby wrote:
There is no putting a pretty face on Israel's humiliating rout in southern Lebanon last week, but that didn't stop Prime Minister Ehud Barak from trying.

"Israel's presence in Lebanon tied its hands to some extent," he declared on Thursday. "But from now on, there are no limits on a tough Israeli response to all aggression against it." The day before, he boasted that the troops had departed Lebanon "without a scratch." This, he said, "is a happy day."
Sure, the past 8 years have been just one long Yom Tov.

Fast forward to today, when Ehud Barak is at it again:
Defense Minister Ehud Barak warned the Cabinet that broad military action is increasingly likely. "In order to return to a calm like six months ago, we will probably need a wide-scale operation," he said, according to a meeting participant who spoke on condition of anonymity under government guidelines.
So, before the 'truce' things were calmer? Was there a particular day or hour that Barak had in mind?

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