Thursday, December 18, 2008

OU Job Board: Understanding the Hiring process- Ace Your Next Interview

From an email:
OU Job Board Presents:
Understanding the Hiring process- Ace Your Next Interview.

Presented by Alex Freund
Where: OU Headquarters 11Broadway 14th Floor
When: January 12th 11:00AM-12:30 PM (EST)

This workshop will cover the following topics:
• Where am I? Where am I going? Do I know how?
• Job search campaign definitions such as resume, target companies,
networking and the interview
• How do I look for a job?
• The strategy of the interview
• What will get one hired?
• Why is one not hired?
• Who are the "players" in the hiring process?
• The Hiring Manager's check list
To view this most important Workshop, please register NOW at Once there please hit the tab "Understanding the
Hiring Process- Ace Your Next Interview". Once you have entered your e
mail address you ARE REGISTERED, and will receive viewing instructions
shortly before the Seminar date. You can also register by sending an e
mail to or phone 212-613-8391. We will also be providing
phone conference availability

To join us live, at OU Headquarters, please send an e mail with your
name and address to There is limited space and first come
first serve will be implemented. Your entrance will then be confirmed
by INVITATION. ONLY those with a confirmed INVITATION will be allowed in

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