Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Pajamas Media: Middle East Update Overview of

From their Middle East Update page:
Overview of Middle East Update

The Pajamas TV Middle East Update show will focus on issues in the Middle East that are of world wide interest. Saudi Arabia and the energy crisis, Iran's nuclear ambitions, Hamas and Hezbolla terrorist actions against Isreal, and new developments in Israel's political leadership are some of the topics that Middle East Update will be covering.
Current programs available for free:
  • From Jerusalem, Caroline Glick speaks with Bill about the possibility of a ceasfire and the European reaction to the Gaza conflict.

  • Allison Kaplan Sommer reports from Tel Aviv on the Israeli and Arab reactions to the Gaza conflict and possible unreported motivations for Hamas's actions.

  • Captain Elie Isaacson of the Israel Defense Forces gives us another update from the frontlines of the the Gaza conflict.

  • discusses Hamas's tactic of targeting Palestinians in the Gaza conflict.

  • From the frontlines in Sderot, Israel Captain Elie Isaacson of the Israeli Defense Forces gives Bill an update on the conflict in Gaza.

  • Background profile of Caroline Glick , venerable journalist with the Jerusalem Post.

  • Yecheil Lankscram talks about his new website through which people can send a gift and express their appreciation of the IDF.
Check it out.

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