Sunday, March 13, 2011

Hamas: Palestinians Can Murder Settlers Under International Law

[The UN General Assembly] Further recognizes the right of the Palestinian people to regain its rights by all means in accordance with the purposes and principles of the Charter of the United Nations.[emphasis added]
General Assembly Resolution 3236, November 22, 1974

On the one hand, we have the implicit approval of the UN, with a statement  like the above. On the other hand, the UN has simply failed to decide on a definition of terrorism--

The prime reason is the standoff with the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC). It seeks to insert into the Convention: "The activities of the parties during an armed conflict, including in situations of foreign occupation....are not governed by this Convention." Or, as the Pakistani delegate describes the standoff on behalf of the OIC, there is a need "to make a distinction between terrorism and the exercise of legitimate right of peoples to resist foreign occupation." In October 2007 the Coordinator of the informal negotiating meetings which had been organized "to move the process forward" circulated a document in which she named the outstanding issues. The OIC demand was on the top of the list, namely, "the importance not to affect the exercise of the right of peoples to self-determination." [emphasis added]
So it comes as no surprise that the Hamas terrorist group claims terrorism is sanctioned by International Law:
According to the International law Palestinian resistance factions have the full right to resist any kind of occupation on the land of Palestine, as well as the Israeli crimes against the Palestinian people in West Bank and Gaza grant the Palestinian resistance factions to use all tools and means of resistance against the Israeli occupation forces and the armed Israeli settlers.
This comes in response to the murder of the Fogel family and their children.

The only thing more disgusting than murderers proclaiming the murder of civilians is condoned under international law is the fact that you can be sure that the UN will fail to come out with a statement that will in any way contradict Hamas.

Just one more proof of the uselessness of the UN

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