Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Media Insists On Holding Abbas's Hand To Get Peace From Israel

We are informed that after ethnically cleansing Jews from Jerusalem in 1948, Arab East Jerusalem was magically created for all time.

Times Magazine informs us that with his new coalition, it is now up to Netanyahu to make peace--an odd statement only because the media has always assumed that it is Israel's obligation to make unilateral concessions for peace.

Now McClatchy's Frida Ghitis writes Netanyahu's move changes landscape, and that (once again) the ball is in Israel's court because Israel’s national unity coalition “creates a world of tantalizing opportunities” for peace with the Palestinians--and heaven forbid that Abbas have to take a stand for peace without another Israeli concession:

I hope Netanyahu will offer an olive branch, a way for Abbas to return to talks without seeming to capitulate.

Given that his stance has achieved nothing and Netanyahu is essentially assured of staying in office until at least late 2013, Abbas may want to reconsider, especially since elections in the U.S. promise even more of the same, or worse, for Palestinians. Either Obama wins, in which case he will try to pressure an even stronger Netanyahu, or Obama will lose and a Republican president will be much less helpful to Palestinians.

In the meantime, any hopes Abbas had the Arab uprisings would prove a huge help to Palestinians have not materialized.
Ghitis offers broad generalities--but no context.
Ghitis actually writes that "it's hard to imagine Abbas holding fast to a strategy that has produced absolutely no results." Where has Ghitis been?"

Ghitis does not ignore anything that the rest of the media isn't ignoring.
That is how blind the media is.

Hat tip: HonestReporting's Israel Daily News Stream 05/22/2012

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