Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Video: Indivisible Jerusalem. There is No Arab East Jerusalem

From the YouTube page for Indivisible Jerusalem:
The division of Jerusalem into "East" and "West" imposed by the Jordanian occupation for a brief period of 19 years is no longer possible in a city which has dramatically grown and changed over the last 44 years. 270,000 Arabs and 200,000 Jews live in the mosaic of neighborhoods called "East Jerusalem." Dividing Jerusalem is not technically feasible due to the intermingling of populations, neighborhoods, and vital infrastructures.

Throughout history, the only times when all residents of Jerusalem: Christians, Muslims, and Jews, have enjoyed freedom of religion, and other benefits of democracy have been under Israeli sovereignty. The Jewish and Arab residents of Jerusalem share medical and welfare facilities, academic institutions, shopping centers and recreation sites. Recent public opinion polls show that a majority of Jerusalem Arabs would prefer to remain under Israeli sovereignty.
Here is the video:

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