Monday, May 21, 2012

Special Kedushas Tefillin Program--And Raffle

During the coming month of Sivan, there will be a special push for signups for the Kedushas Tefillin Program

For more information, see embedded PDF below.

Join the Kedushas Tefillin Program!

Who is this program for?
Any boy who has a ratzon to wear his tefillin without talking.

How do I Join?
Contact our Gabbai, Eli Jaffa, @ 216-385-4869, or send us an email

What are the rules?
See below.

What do I get?
A tremendous reward for davening properly, and for being careful in the fulfillment of this mitzvah. For the “she’lo lishma” part, see below.

How do I keep track?
After you join, you will receive a monthly card.

When Can I start?
The program begins on the second day of Rosh Chodesh Iyar, May 5th


There will be a special raffle for any boy who “signs-up” five or more boys during the month of Sivan: a sefer, plus ten coins – dated between 1900 and 1920.

Here are the rules:

Kedushas Tefillin Rules

  1. You should be davening with a minyan.
  2. You should be wearing your tefillin from at least “Boruch she’amar” until after “Aleinu.”
  3. There is no talking (including “mouthing”) with your tefillin on.
  4. Even if you (mistakenly) talk, you will try not to continue (during that Shacharis).
  5. The month begins on Rosh Chodesh (second day, when applicable).
  6. You cannot miss-out more than four times during a month.
  7. If you have a perfect month, or only miss once - you will receive the following: a set of old coins (which includes: 2 pennies from the 50’s; 2 from the 40’s; 2 from the 30’s), plus you will be entered into threeraffles for sets of seforim.
  8. If you miss twice or three times, you will still receive the set of old coins, and you will be entered into two raffles for sets of seforim.
  9. When you have completed your third month, the set of coins will begin to include the following: Pennies from the 20’s; 10’s; 1900’s; 1890’s; 1880’s and even earlier; nickels from the turn of the century; foreign coins, plus more.
  10. Any boy that hands in 12 cards (and did not win any of the monthly raffles) will receive a sefer.

If you would like your school or class to join this project, please contact
Rabbi Adler

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