Thursday, May 31, 2012

Palestinian Authority Will Honor More (Dead) Murderers Of Jews

The Palestinian Authority sponsored a sports tournament at a stadium named after a terrorist.
The event featured four teams that also were named after prominent Palestinian terrorists and terror supporters.
The competition came days after President Obama ended a six-month freeze on aid to the PA. The U.S. released $147 million reportedly to cover the costs of infrastructure, education, humanitarian aid and health projects for the Palestinians.
Aaron Klein, If You Think 'Redskins' Name is Offensive...

Khaled Abu Toameh writes about Israel releasing the bodies of Palestinian terrorists who murdered Jews--and the Palestinian Authority's plan to honor them as heroes:

The Palestinian Authority leadership is planning to honor the remains of Palestinian suicide bombers and other terrorists with full military funerals in Ramallah.

The IDF will deliver the bodies to representatives of the PA on Thursday, Prisoners Affairs Minister Issa Qaraqi said.

He said that the PA would hold a “national rally” in the Mukata presidential compound in Ramallah in honor of the “martyrs.” Attending the rally will be PA President Mahmoud Abbas, PLO leaders, and families of the Palestinians who perpetrated suicide bombings and other attacks over the past three decades.

Qaraqi said that after the ceremony, the bodies would be sent to their hometowns, where each one would be buried in a military funeral. He said that 17 bodies whose hometowns were unknown would be buried in a Ramallah cemetery, also with full military honors.
There really is nothing new here--honoring the murderers of Israelis is really old hat. It is something that Abbas and the Palestinian Authority have been doing for years.

Unfortunately, it is also not new that the incitement of hatred against Israel by Abbas and the Palestinian Authority is ignored by the media as well.

If this sort of thing got bad press from the media on a regular basis, and likewise if Abbas got the message from the US that money would be withheld--and remain withheld--as long as Abbas continued to publicly praise Palestinian terrorists, then we would see a change.

Instead, the coddling by the media and the lack of response by the Obama administration are responsible for the spread of hatred under the Palestinian Authority and the continuation of Palestinian terrorism.

And Israel is not doing itself any favors by releasing these bodies, supposedly in order to bolster Abbas, when in reality all Israel is doing is allowing the Arabs to glorify the murder of Jews.

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