Monday, May 21, 2012

When Jews Are Ethnically Cleansed From Jerusalem, It's Called Diplomacy

Sultan Knish writes in Liberating Our Jerusalem, about the absurd situation we have arrived at through the application of diplomacy, in the service of appeasement:
It would be absolutely inconceivable for the international community to denounce an ethnically cleansed group which survived attempted genocide for moving back into a city where they had lived. It is however standard policy at the State Department and the Foreign Office to denounce Jews living in those parts of Jerusalem that had been ethnically cleansed by Muslims, as "settlers" living in "settlements", and describe them as an "obstruction to peace." Peace being the state of affairs that sets in when an ethnic cleansing goes unchallenged.

Describing Jewish homes in Jerusalem, one of the world's oldest cities, a city that all three religions in the region associate with Jews and Jewish history, as "settlements" is a triumph of distorted language that Orwell would have to dip his hat to. How does one have "settlements" in a city older than London or Washington D.C.? To understand that you would have to ask London and Washington D.C. where the diplomats insist that one more round of Israeli compromises will bring peace to the region.

They say that there are three religions in Jerusalem, but there are actually four. The fourth religion is the true Religion of Peace, the one that demands constant blood sacrifices to make peace possible, that insists that there will be peace when the Jews have been expelled from Judea and Samaria, driven out of their homes in Jerusalem, and made into wanderers and beggars once again. Oddly enough this religion's name isn't even Islam -- it's diplomacy.

Diplomacy says that the 1948 borders set by Arab countries invading Israel should be the final borders and that when Israel reunified a sundered city in 1967, it was an act of aggression, while when seven Arab armies invaded Israel in 1948, it was a legitimate way to set boundaries. When Jordan ethnically cleansed East Jerusalem, it set a standard that Israelis are obligated to follow to this day by staying out of East Jerusalem.
An imaginary Arab East Jerusalem has been created, based on the Arab ethic cleansing of Jews following the Israeli War of Independence in 1948, until Jews successfully returned to that area of Jerusalem in 1967--only to be told that those who declared the war were the legal residents and those returning were actually conquerors with no legal rights for claims.

All this in the interests of peace--which is all fine and good, if only it could be ascertained that those Arab leaders actually had peace as a goal.

Hat tip: Israel Matzav

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