Thursday, May 10, 2012

Silence Of Church Organizations About Muslim Persecution Of Christians is Deafening

But don't worry, they will always have Israel to condemn.

In New English Review, Dexter Van Zile writes about attacks on Israel by Methodist and Presbyterian organizations at the expense of their fellow Christians.
Earlier this month, the United Methodist Church’s General Conference voted down a divestment resolution but passed a resolution calling for a boycott of Israeli products made in the West Bank. The General Assembly of Presbyterian Church (USA) is considering two similar resolutions. And the United Church of Canada’s General Assembly will also be voting on a boycott resolution in the upcoming months.

All of these votes about Israel have, or will have, taken place against a backdrop of virtual silence about anti-Christian violence in Muslim-majority countries in the Middle East and North Africa.

Christians have been murdered in Iraq, Egypt and Nigeria and yet these churches say nothing, or almost nothing about these murders. They do however, talk incessantly about Israel.
This is no exaggeration. When the national assemblies of United Church of Christ and Disciples of Christ met in 2011, well after it was clear to anyone who was paying attention that Christians were under siege in the Middle East, these gatherings said nothing about this problem.

You can search the agendas of the UCC’s General Synod yourself here. The words Iraq, Egypt and Copt appear nowhere in the minutes to the UCC’s 2011 General Synod, but the word Israeli appears 15 times. A list of the resolutions passed by the Disciples of Christ in 2001 is available here.

You will find nothing about anti-Christian violence at either of these links, but you will learn that the assemblies of these two churches did, however, pass two resolutions warning about the evils of Islamophobia.

You got that right. Christians got murdered in Iraq and Egypt and the assemblies of these two churches passed resolutions warning about the evils of anti-Muslim hostility. Under the circumstances, it would seem reasonable for the assemblies of churches to pass a resolution about anti-Christian hostility in Muslim-majority countries, but they didn’t. [emphasis added]

They said nothing.
Read the whole thing.

At a time when the "Arab Spring" is unleashing Islamist extremists and ever more blatant persecutions and murder of Christians in Muslim countries, the silence of these Church organizations and their failure to help their coreligionists is mind boggling.

Whatever real or imagined crimes Christian groups may find Israel guilty of, their abandonment of Copts and other Christians to Muslim persecution renders their agendas--and their legitimacy as Christian leaders--suspect.

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