Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Apparently, #Palestinians Prefer Terrorism To A Minute Of Silence

The Arab pressure to prevent a minute of silence at the London Olympics makes clear where they stand on the issue, but what do the Palestinian Arabs think of it?

Palestinian Arabs claim Israel's minute of silence at the London Olympics is a distraction:
But in the poisoned atmosphere of Palestinian-Israeli relations, the Israeli request is seen by Palestinians as a political stunt. Leading Palestinian politicians oppose the moment of silence, viewing it as a ploy to cast Israel as the victim in the conflict and to distract attention from Israeli practices today, including the military occupation of the West Bank.

''They want to remind the world of what happened a long time ago, to show they were suffering, so that the world will focus on other issues and that they will not be seen as the aggressive side," says Hasan Khreisheh, deputy speaker of the Palestinian Legislative Council. "But the world knows they are the ones carrying out aggression against our people and our land."
That is an ironic point, considering the years that Nobel prize winning terrorist Yasir Arafat used the murder of Jews as his own method of gaining attention for Palestinian Arabs--not to mention Arafat's murder of US Ambassador to Sudan Cleo Noel Jr

So Palestinian Arabs who have endorsed the murder of Jews and Israeli civilians as a form of "resistance" take umbrage at the idea of their victims taking a minute of silence to honor those killed.

The bizarre mindset of the Muslim world in general and Palestinian Arabs in particular remains unchallenged by the civilized world.

And this absurd claim by the Palestinian Arabs is the result.

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