Monday, July 16, 2012

Wikileaks: Thousands Of Iranian And Hezbollah Soldiers Fight In Syria For Assad

CNN reports, but says it still has not vetted the Wikileaks claim that Thousands of IRGC and Lebanese Hezbollah fighting in Syria in support of Assad:
WikiLeaks revealed in its new documents that during last June thousands of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) and members of Lebanese Hezbollah were fighting in Syria in support of Assad’s regime.

In a letter leaked from the “Four Stars for Strategic Information and Analysis” center, Iranian armed individuals and Hezbollah militants have implemented prompt execution warrants against Syrian soldiers who had refused to shoot at demonstrators. The “Four Stars” center quotes a source inside Hezbollah calling him ‘Hezbollah activist’ as saying that there are 3000 members of IRGC, 2000 Hezbollah militias and 300 people from “Amal Movement” in Syria. The source adds that 42 members of IRGC and 27 from Hezbollah were killed in Syria, and Syrian airplanes transfer Iran’s casualties to Tehran and lots of vehicles transfer Hezbollah casualties to Lebanon.
News that Iran and Hezbollah was aiding the Assad regime last year is not a revelation. Last July JCPA issued a report How Iran Is Helping Assad Suppress Syrian "Arab Spring"
Reports have emerged about elements of the Iranian IRGC's Al-Quds Force (responsible for subversion and special operations outside of Iran), advisers from Iran's domestic Law Enforcement Services, as well as Hizbullah men working throughout Syria to help Assad repress the popular protests. Iran also apparently provided Syria with advanced eavesdropping equipment which enables the identification of activists who converse by phone or use social networks on the Internet.
Read the whole thing.

Wikileaks is just providing confirmation.

Israel Matzav thinks the stage for Iranian and Hezbollah support for Assad was established earlier:
Remember that meeting between Assad, Ahmadinejad and Nasrallah a couple of years ago? My guess is that although they never announced it, they entered into some sort of mutual defense pact. Another accomplishment of Obama's 'engagement' with Iran and Syria....
Iran and Hezbollah do not appear to be afraid of any consequences from the West--why should they be, since the West has still not come up with anything more than talk.

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Empress Trudy said...

Someone should ask Glenn Greenwald for a comment. Since he's America's #1 cheerleader for Wikileaks. I know he's openly a through and through booster for the Iranian regime as well as Assad in Syria but I'd like to know if he actually can stand up for his own principals on this.

Unknown said...

thats pretty funny im from hizbullah we aren't fighting in syria except of some vilages near lebanese syrian border there's 30000 lebanese in there we're defending those only but why assad need our help he have 670000 soldier bashar assad own 200000 soldier for himself these r special forces well equiped like Russian spitsnaz forces they r very strong and for his brothere maher assad he own also 300000 soldier the others r normal soldiers but they're capable of fighting gorela war for years and years believe me in that like iranian IRGC for sure assad didnt forget about jolan there is 10000 soldiers near israel border these r special forces like hizbullah so assad regime is so sophisticated + 40% of his citizens want him 10000000 syrian citizens in syria love bashar assad and r awaiting his signal to fight assad will last forever more than 500 jet fighter and 6000 tank t72 t90 s300 s400 s500 anti ground to ground missiles u didnt seen anything of his power until now he's playing with those salafist jihadist coming from all across arab world

Daled Amos said...

I checked the above with an expert on the Middle East, and although he thought a couple of the larger numbers cited at the beginning are exaggerated, he agreed that Bashar Assad really does not need Hizbollah in order to survive -- and that Hizbollah's role is limited.

The key, however, is that Hizbollah has done enough to earn it the undying hatred of the Syrian opposition, and especially Sunni Muslims.