Sunday, July 15, 2012

UNESCO Openly Supports Hamas Terrorists

In 2007, there was outrage in the US Congress over US aid that went to the Islamic University of Gaza, because of its connection to Hamas terrorists.

At the time Joel Mowbray wrote how Hamas terrorists are closely connected to the Islamic University of Gaza:

  • Hamas founder Sheikh Ahmed Yassin founded the school in 1978.
  • Sheikh Yassin, former Hamas leader Abdel Aziz Rantisi, and current Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh have all used the school as a base.
  • Haniyeh sits on the school’s board of trustees.
  • The school’s 16 parliamentarians account for more than one-fifth of all Hamas legislators.
  • Hamas used the campus to host a two-day conference in 2005 on the “martyrdom” of Sheikh Yassin.
  • Students gave 78% of their student council votes in 2005 to the Hamas-affiliated party.
UNESCO does not suffer from such scruples.
On the contrary, UNESCO is establishing a Chair at the Islamic University of Gaza:
On Wednesday, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) established a chair in astronomy, astrophysics and space sciences at the controversial Islamic University in Gaza (IUG).
This is the same university where Subhi Al-Yaziji, the dean of Koranic studies at the IUG, called for the Islamic conquest of Spain and the Vatican this past May.

This is just UNESCO sinking to a new low. Last year in October, UNESCO cheated on its own rules when it admitted "Palestine" as a member of UNESCO with a vote of 107-14 out of 173. No member is supposed to be admitted into UNESCO if it falls short of 2/3 of the vote. But the vote to admit "Palestine" did in fact amount to less than 2/3 and UNESCO went ahead and admitted them anyway.

New failures within the UN continue to surface.

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Empress Trudy said...

You can't shame the shameless. They openly support this because they and their apologists are happy to say it. They don't hide it because they don't have a need to hide it. Guaranteed a neonazi Gaza senior official who openly espouses Jewish genocide will be feted by the White House, Brussels and the UN next year. And he will openly call for that genocide and be cheered. One of his flunkies, probably a woman, will be interviewed on MSNBC and or CNN.