Thursday, July 12, 2012

Suha Arafat And The Ill-Gotten Gains Of Palestinian Corruption

The basic facts about Polonium contradict the claim that Arafat was killed by radiation poisoning.

So, while some are desperately trying to keep the Polonium story alive, CAMERA asks the question that the media ignores: Where’s the Coverage? The Real Arafat Mystery… Where’s the Money?

While the they have suddenly rediscovered Arafat thanks to his widow, the media ignores the story of Suha Arafat herself.

After all, one would expect the media to take an interest in the extravegant lifestyle of Suha Arafat--funded by the money she squeezed out of the corrupt Palestinian leadership.

Instead, on this the media is silent.
CAMERA notes:
  • You don't hear how, after Arafat's death, Palestinian Authority leaders reportedly agreed to pay Suha $22 million a year out of secret accounts.
  • You don't hear how at one time Suha had stayed in the luxury Bristol Paris Hotel and had rented an entire floor for herself and her assistants at a cost of $16,000 a night.
  • You don't hear about the money-laundering investigation conducted by French authorities into Suha's finances.
  • You don't even hear about the warrant issued by Tunisian authorities seeking to question Suha in connection with the theft of money intended to fund a school.
  • And, despite her current protestations that she wants the truth to prevail and seeks to learn the cause of Arafat's death, at the time of his illness, Suha would not even allow medical testing to be done. In fact, Palestinian leaders tried to bribe her into allowing them access to Arafat, at one point offering her $2 million which she rejected.
Read the whole thing.

When it comes to the Arafat's, the media's interest in the real story of their lives has a half-life far shorter than Polonium.

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