Friday, July 13, 2012

It's Official: J Street Starts Its Election Smear Campaign

Remember Obama's infamous Truth Teams?
Well, don't look now but J Street has officially initiated its rapid response hit squad!

After lying about J Street taking money from multi-billionaire George Soros and taking over $800,000 from a Consolacion Esdicul in Hong Kong into J Street coffers, J Street decries in an email that we are in:
an election year, when tens of millions of dollars are poured into creating a false pro-Israel narrative based on misinformation, lies, and smears in the hopes of scaring and swaying voters.
It is therefore amazing how brazenly J Street claims in the video below that:
We know we can't compete with their money.
We don't have their millions
Yeah, right.

Take a moment to listen to the video below--the end is the worrisome part:

Luck concludes with a statement that reveals the real agenda of J Street: not to encourage discussion and debate, but to prevent any opinion of their own from being heard:
Together this year we are going to stand up and drown out the lies and smears with our vision of the future of pro-Israel
This is consistent with J Streets practice of smearing its opponents and silencing critics:
What is the J Street vision of "Pro-Israel"?
Apparently it includes J Street pushing to disseminate the Goldstone Report.
A report that even Goldstone himself later distanced himself from.

But J Street did the opposite:
Apparently J Street smears Israel as well as anyone who questions them.
The fact that the current government of Israel is democratically elected means nothing to J Street.

In their email, J Street proclaims:
We all know the next few months are going to be full of wild distortions, misinformation, and smears
They should now: it's been their stock in trade from the beginning.

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