Monday, July 30, 2012

Egypt Insulted By Israeli Children Building Temple Out Of Sand

Perhaps you remember the video of Safwat Higazi, supporter of president Mohamed Morsi, campaigning for his friend during the weeks leading up to the election. Higazi's medieval ranting about creating the capital of a united Arab state in Jerusalem found a welcome audience in the equally crazed Egyptian crowd:

So you might be surprised to find the heroic Egyptians now whining about the insult inflicted upon them by an Israeli video.

One can only imagine what is causing the Egyptians in such distress.
It turns out to be a video about 2 Israeli children building a sandcastle:

YnetNews reports that Egyptians are insulted Morsi appeared in the video:
Ahead of upcoming Tisha B'Av, the Temple Institute, a body dedicated to the idea of rebuilding of the biblical Jewish Temple in Jerusalem, launched an online campaign featuring an unusual "guest appearance" by none other than Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi.

The campaign caused a stir in Egypt over more than Morsi's mere appearance, but rather regarding the manner in which he was featured, which Cairo media deemed offensive.
Apparently, our good friends the Egyptians are being told that this is a campaign to show that Morsi will not be able to stop Israel from rebuilding the Temple. Morsi himself is reported to have ordered his Foreign Ministry to officially protest the campaign.

Who knew that the friendly, peace-loving Egyptians were so sensitive.

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