Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Ahmadinejad Joins The Blogosphere! (Updated)

From The New York Times: From Iran’s Fiery Leader, a Slightly Tamer Blog.
Mr. Ahmadinejad has tried to touch on most issues that concern him. He has written about freedom in Iran, referring to the protest of students against him a year ago at Amir Kabir University in Tehran as an example of its existence in Iran. “It was a joyous feeling to see a small group insult the elected president of people fearlessly amid a majority,” he wrote, without referring to the fate of the students, many of whom are in prison now.
Apparently Ahmadinejad's blog is not so much tame as just dishonest--a fine distinction.

The NYT article also reports:
In a letter to an American mother whose son was killed in Iraq, he calls the United States a “warmonger” but he says he respects all people of the world, including American people.
Respects "all people of the world"--even Americans? That made me curious: since when is America the lowest country in Ahmadinejad's eyes.

Sure enough, there is absolutely no mention in the article of how Ahmadinejad blogs about Israel, in comments he makes on his blog such as:
The principle in foreign policy is having relations. When our nation stood up for revolution and finally succeeded, Imam Khomeini explicitly announced that we are ready to have bilateral friendly relations with all countries except Israel, which doesn't have legality. Even Imam disregarded the hostile steps of America during the period after the coup of the year 1332 (1953) , but the US statesmen haven't appreciated Imam's magnanimity and they have cut their relation for 27 years. of course we have also welcomed, but we did not cut the relation. They have also supported Saddam for eight years in the war against us. What have we done?
Well for starters, ignored the recognition of Israel by the UN, neglected to mention the kidnapping of US citizens during Carter's term in office, and forgotten to mention Iranian support of attacks on US in Iraq.

Now that's tame lame.

UPDATED: Zorkmidden at Discarded Lies points out that former King Norodom Sihanouk of Cambodia precedes Ahmadinejad in the world of blogging (www.norodomsihanouk.info). From May 2005:
"I thank you for insulting me." Thus blogged former King Norodom Sihanouk to a critic of his support of gay marriage. He didn't share any of the insulting e-mails with his readers, but noted: "My country, Cambodia, has chosen to be a liberal democracy since 1993. Every Cambodian ... including the King has the right to express freely their view."

It was one of thousands of commentaries that fill the Web site of the world's most colorful and pugnacious royal blogger, offering Sihanouk's views on anything from environmental rape through Hollywood stars and killer spouses to the rough-and-tumble of Cambodian politics.
[Hat tip: Abe Greenwald at Contentions]

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