Friday, December 14, 2007

My Dog And The CAIR Boycott

When I was a kid, my parents were getting me a puppy at the same time that the girl next door was getting one too--from the same litter. There we sat, with the puppies we wanted, arguing over which puppy was better.

The puppy I wanted was pretty unremarkable, but I noticed that he was tired and every time I stood him up he would lie down--parking his backside down and then sprawling out.

So I bragged to my neighbor that my puppy was so smart that he had already learned to follow the command to sit and lie down--and for the next minute or two, I proudly stood the poor puppy up and calling out 'sit!" and "lie down!", as the tired puppy did exactly that, over and over. I just took credit for what the puppy was doing anyway. The girl was totally fooled.

Not so clear is whether CAIR is fooling people about their boycott getting companies to remove ads from the Mike Savage Show--companies that weren't actually having their ads carried on the show to begin with.

Pretty clever--but I thought of the idea first.

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