Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Olmert Channels Monty Hall

Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and Vice Premier Haim Ramon think that they are playing "Let's Make A Deal":
Olmert confidant: Israel could exchange territory to keep settlements

...Speaking to Army Radio, Ramon acknowledged widespread construction in the West Bank, but said almost all building activity is taking place in "settlement blocs that we want in the end of the process to see as part of Israel."

He claimed the Palestinians accept this position.

"The Palestinians won't say that this is good, but there is no doubt that the Palestinians understand that in the end of the peace process, the settlement blocs will be under Israeli sovereignty in return for an exchange of territory," Ramon said.

"What I propose is that we reach an agreement with the Palestinians today over the principle of settlement blocs under Israeli sovereignty and in return an exchange of territory," he added. "Then it will be very clear where we build and where we don't build."
But when it comes time to find out what is behind Door #1 that is being given by Israel in exchange for those West Bank settlements, are we going to see East Jerusalem? While Ramon claims that the Palestinian Arabs accept this, why do I get the feeling that in the end Israel will be left with the donkey?

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