Tuesday, December 18, 2007

AP Reports Rice Blames Hamas For Gaza--But Then AP Blames Israel

Talk about your flying pig moments:
US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said Sunday militant Palestinians, not Israel, are to blame for deteriorating conditions in the sealed-off Gaza Strip, as the United States announced it intends to donate about $550 million to the impoverished Palestinians this year.

..."The responsibility for what is happening in Gaza should be put directly on the shoulders of Hamas," Rice said as she flew to Paris.

..."It is the policies of Hamas that have led to its own isolation and by implication the Gaza as well," Rice said.

..."Of course we're very concerned, but let's put the blame where it should be, and that's on Hamas."
Of course, since this is an AP article--so some 'balance' is necessary: Gaza poverty is Israel's fault. Here are some excerpts:
"US pledges of humanitarian relief for Gaza's 1.5 million people may be hollow unless Israel and Egypt ease border restrictions that are preventing some medical supplies and all but basic food and no-frills goods from getting in. Relief workers say some aid promised this year was blocked."

"Her remarks suggested that she will not pressure ally Israel to ease off, despite Gaza's plunge into deeper poverty."

"Hamas seized control of the seaside territory in June..." ['seized control'--as if it were a bloodless coup]

"Israel's six-month blockade of the strip, which it says is necessary for security reasons, has wiped out tens of thousands of jobs. Three-quarters of Gazans now live in poverty." [just how do they tell which jobs are lost through Israel's security measures and which are through Hamas incompetence?]
No mention of Hamas terrorism, nor even that Hamas did far more than merely "seize control".

An Interesting article where AP contradicts what it reports...all in the interests of balance, no doubt.

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