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OU Job Fair On March 12

From an email I received.
OU JOB FAIR III- Now bigger and better then ever-March 12th

As you may already know, the OU Job Fairs have been extremely successesful in the past and is now so fine tuned in getting the right people the right jobs, that during the last Virtual Job Fair we hosted, there was a 49.6% hire / Second interview call back rate. Our Job Fairs differ from others in that they are Virtual and start the day you post your resume.

The Job Fair is scheduled to take place I"H on March 12th in New York at the Orthodox Union's- OU headquarters - 11 Broadway 14th fl.
This is an INVITATION ONLY EVENT. Please read below carefully


The Virtual Job Fair works as follows:
• Your provide us with your open jobs and a brief description of the job and its requirements

• You advise us if this is a salaried job, commission based or both specifying hours travel etc

• We post these jobs on our web site under a special Job Fair section, which is highlighted and well placed prior to the Job Fair.

• Our applicants apply for these jobs by sending us their resumes which we review to make sure they are responding to the jobs that you are offering. We try our best to make sure you get the resumes corresponding to the job(s) you have opened

• Resumes corresponding to your jobs are sent to you for review prior to the show (personal information is withheld). You choose which candidates you are interested in and confirm back to us who you would like to set up an appointment with.

• We set up the appointment time for the interview

• The actual interview takes place during our Job Fair (where we release all personal information) just prior to the interview.
All participation is free. The interview can take place right in your office over the net. There is no software setup. All you need is a high speed connection and a camera and mic. You do NOT have to readjust your firewalls, it just like a conference call except its on screen being broadcast live. Participating employers using their office computers interview the applicants on our computers in our headquarters who are waiting for you at the confirmed pre-scheduled time. It's simple and as easy as a conference call. No traveling, setting up tables and long lines of people.


The Job Fair process is as follows:
* Applicant registers on-line at under the Job Fair registration link

* Registration is completed ONLY after your resume has been posted. (If you do not post your resume you are NOT registered).
The title of your resume MUST CONTAIN "WHAT KIND OF JOB" YOU ARE LOOKING FOR. Multiple resumes for multiple jobs can be posted. Please look at the employers job offerings as posted on the Job Fair link

* Employers jobs and a brief description is posted on our Job Fair web page link for your review.

* Acceptance of your registration DOES NOT MEAN you should come down to the Fair. It only means that your resume is being REVIEWED for possible acceptance and interviews with employers on March 12th at the Fair. Your resume posting DOES NOT guarantee you admittance to the Fair.

* Once you have registered, the OU Job Board will actually "go to" each participating employer who has the matching jobs YOU are looking for, as stated on your resume title, and hand your resume to the those employer(s) for review. All this is done PRIOR to the actual Job Fair day on March 12th.

* Should an employer accept your resume, you will receive an email invitation, with a specific time, to come down to the Job Fair on March 12th. Please note carefully: If you do NOT receive an email invitation for an interview, prior to the March 12th Fair, you SHOULD NOT COME DOWN TO THE JOB FAIR. ONLY THOSE WITH CONFIRMED E-MAIL INVITATIONS FOR A CONFIRMED APPOINTMENT, RECEIVED PRIOR TO THE MARCH 12TH JOB FAIR SHOULD APPEAR AT THE JOB FAIR ON MARCH 12th.
The Fair remains CLOSED to everyone else. No exceptions

* The Job Fair takes place in our offices over our computers or live interviews.

* Following the above procedures, we assure that the Job Fair in reality turns into a Job Interview day, with all hurdles cleared and the employer looking at you as a serious candidate.
For more information please do not hesitate to e-mail me.

Please join our fair and make this the most successful ever!!

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