Saturday, December 15, 2007

Newsweek Gives Ahmadinejad A Platform

I guess the drop in revenues that the newspapers are going through is affecting magazines like Newsweek too. How else to explain Newsweek giving Ahmadinejad the opportunity to do "Guest Commentary." This way, he gets the same platform that he got at Columbia University, only with a wider audience and without the need to respond to pesky questions.

Besides the expected attack on the US, Ahamdinejad takes the required swipe at Israel as well:
The heavy shadow of America's unilateralism is also visible on the unresolved question of Palestine, which is one of the gravest tragedies of the 20th and 21st centuries. The U.S. government has succumbed to the demands of the Zionists and the Zionist regime. This is a lethal ailment that afflicts U.S. administrations. The American people do not like to see their leaders fall captive to the Zionist network. Surely the American people would prefer U.S.-inspired policies to those perpetrated by the Zionists. No fair-minded American is happy with the present situation. Regrettably, despite the objections of some of America's elite, personal and political interests—especially those of the present administration—have prevented any action to counter this fatal disease. So long as this situation persists, we will see tyranny and injustice in the region. The U.S. government will bear the heavy responsibility for the Zionist regime's massacre of Palestinian women and children in their homes and territory.
So besides The New York Times, The Washington Post, and LA Times (no longer found there--a copy is on The Palestine Chronicle) giving platforms for terrorists like Hamas, Newsweek gives a platform for the president who threatens to destroy Israel, and whose country is responsible for the death of US troops and Iraqis in Iraq.

How about Kim Jong-il next week?

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