Sunday, December 23, 2007

This Lawyer Joke Isn't Funny

"...before Barak established the supremacy of lawyers, we respected human rights and won wars. Today, we respect human rights and lose wars."
Caroline Glick

Caroline Glick has written a must-read article on the degree to which the planning of last year's war against Hizbollah was dictated by the need for generals to look over their shoulder at the Israeli Supreme Court and anticipate their objections.
Mandelblit and Mazuz testified that legal advisers were present at all levels of command in all the relevant service arms and in the security cabinet. At each level the lawyers were asked to judge the legality of all the proposed targets and planned operations before they were carried out. And as the two explained, in their decisions, these lawyers were informed not by the goal of winning the war, but by their interpretation of international law.
Based on the subsequent outcry by the international community, it is obvious that the lawyers failed on both counts.

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