Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Annapolis Collides With Reality

The reality of Middle East politics--something that Condoleezza Rice seems to have overlooked.

First, Egypt and Saudi Arabia got together to circumvent attempts to allow 2,000 Gaza Palestinians to make the hajj with the help of the PA--thus giving Abbas a boost. Instead, Egypt allowed them to go through the Sinai to Saudi Arabia.

Ever notice that the only ones who seem to be successfully forced to do things to increase Abbas' stature in the eyes of Palestinian Arabs is Israel?

Now, the alleged anti-Iran coalition that was supposed to be the ultimate goal of the Annapolis summit is falling apart--assuming anyone in the Middle East took that seriously to begin with.

Eric Trager writes:
Yet, only two weeks after Annapolis, the it’s-all-about-Iran theory can be laid to rest. Rather than using Annapolis and the ensuing diplomatic process to isolate Iran and its regional proxies, Arab participants have reached out to Iranian-backed Hamas, pushing for a truce with Fatah that would readmit Hamas to the Palestinian political process. This weekend, Saudi Arabia took the first step towards reconciling Hamas and Fatah when it welcomed Damascus-based Hamas leader Khalid Meshal for talks, while Iranian television has announced that Hamas officials will visit Egypt later this week—a move aimed at pressuring Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas to negotiate.
Ever notice that everyone in the Middle East pursues what they see as being in their best interests, except Israel?

Actually, at this point it seems that the Israeli government wouldn't know what this is anymore anyway.

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