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Israel Has A Facebook Page--And So Does Jihad!

Here is the Israeli Consulate's page.

According to the email I received from the consulate:
The Israeli Consulate in New York is the first official government office to launch a page on Facebook.

Our goal is to expose the real Israel to Facebook users. Facebook offers the unique opportunity to connect with an ever expanding network of friends who have common interests, especially those who may have little knowledge about Israel. Through this project, we hope to raise awareness about the many events and activities coordinated by the Israeli Consulate in New York.

On our Facebook page, you’ll find links to relevant sites including our blogs – IsRealli and Israel Politik – as well our YouTube channel, MySpace page, pictures and movies about Israel.
The "About Us" page they have on Facebook reads:
We know that when you mention Israel to most folks, all too often, the images that spring to mind involve deserts, warfare and bloody conflict.

But anyone who has visited the Land of Milk and Honey will tell you that Israel is so much more than that.
Come to Israel--We are so much more than warfare and bloody conflict!

But that is only the beginning.

The Jawa Report has a post about the terrorists who are finding Facebook to be a very comfortable place:
Much has been said about the lack of importance placed upon the “cyber jihad” from government and military counter-terrorism agencies. The YouTube Jihad phenomena as well as other domestic hosting of online terror activities has been well documented here at the Jawa Report, Snapped Shot, Michelle Malkin, LGF , and others. But recently I’ve been digging up another clever use of the internet by terror groups: the high school and college social networking megasite Facebook is designed to attract young people and allow them to easily share pictures, video, articles, and generally stay in touch. It seems many terrorist groups and their supporters have seen that as the perfect combination for recruitment.

...Groups like 14 Shabat, Muslim Brotherhood, and even some Al-Qaida wannabes are featured

Check out Jawa Report, which reports on some of the techniques these groups are using and provides a list of a number of these.

At Contentions, Abe Greenwald writes about this:
A group of Islamist hackers calling themselves “Islamic Force” has only a few members, but many other less specialized groups have memberships numbering in the hundreds.

Group pages offer a selection of boilerplate anti-Israel and anti-American propaganda, complete with videos depicting alleged “atrocities” enacted upon Lebanese, Palestinians, and so on.

Facebook is an open virtual playground, with as few rules as YouTube and will probably end up having as much hate.

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