Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Connecting The Dots

I already posted about how the Israeli government has decided limit the term "blood on their hands" in order to give them the leeway to release more terrorists--namely those who actually plan the terror attacks.

Even the most cursory analysis of this sets off alarm bells. Over and over we shake our heads in astonishment, fearing the continued and increasing concessions Olmert has in mind--many of which he has not yet revealed. Just what is Olmert thinking?

Let's see if there is a pattern:
1. Large groups of terrorists are regularly being released
2. Definitions are being limited to increase the number of terrorists released
3. Terrorists released in spite of the fact that most return to terrorism
4. The Disengagement was pushed through, despite the obvious lack of planning for the consequences
5. Olmert continues to talk about "painful concessions"
6. Jerusalem itself is on the chopping block.
What if what many of us see as a war of terrorism, is not seen that way by Olmert and his government? What if he really has bought into the narrative of the West that what we have here is nothing more than civil unrest, the Middle East version of the kind of riots we saw in the US in the 60's--a sanitized version, similar to the interpretation of the riots and car burnings in France.

The terrorists really are seen as 'militant activists.' While those who commit 'acts of violence' must be punished, surely the misguided leaders behind the 'violence' can be reasoned with--through both talk and the concessions necessary to demonstrate Israel's recognition of their needs. All that is necessary from these activists is a willingness to engage in dialog, and it is only a matter of time before these products of a broken society see reason.

What is that is what is going through Olmert's mind?

Heaven help us.

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