Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Should Have Seen This Coming: Terrorists Demand Get Out Of Jail Free Card

This makes all the more sense since at any given moment Abbas is going to need another one of those confidence building measures requiring the release of more terrorists.
PA Preemptively Demands Release of Terrorists Prior to Capture

In an interview with a media monitoring organization, a senior Palestinian Authority official made a preemptive demand for the release from Israeli jails of all those Arabs who will commit terrorist acts during post-Annapolis negotiations. He said they will be targeting "the occupation," not "the negotiations," and should therefore not remain in jail.
The Palestinian logic works because of the failure of the Israeli government to stand by the fact that according to international law there is no occupation--disputed territory, yes, but no occupied territory--since Gaza and the West Bank were never territory belonging to Palestinian Arabs.

It is a myth that has been accepted, just as the myth of a Palestinian Arab people and a Palestinian Arab state--a convenient myth because it provides the illusion by which Palestinian terrorism is supposed to be extinguished.

Just as Israel was late in reacting to the UN resolution equating Zionism with racism and in responding to the Al Dura hoax, so to has Israel failed to stand by its rights when it comes to Gaza and the West Bank. At least in regards to the first two examples, Israel finally did react. The UN resolution was repealed and it appears that the full extent of the Al Dura hoax may be revealed--in both cases after the damage has been done.

But the myth of occupied territory lives on--one more lie that Palestinian terrorists use in their ongoing war against the state of Israel. One absurd claim leads to another while we look on helplessly waiting for the Israeli government to take a stand.

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